Solari Event Terms & Conditions

~ Please make sure you have read the Solari Event Terms & Conditions. ~

Our terms and conditions reflect our desire for private gatherings, where we build trust that comes from respecting each other’s privacy and the opportunity to share ideas and information that is personally important to each of us.

Please note that cell phones are not allowed in the morning sessions. In the afternoon, we request that they be turned off during the excursions with the exception of taking pictures.

1. Guests: Subscribers may not bring non-subscriber guests other than with special written permission.

2. Digital Devices:
Our goal is to achieve an intimate atmosphere where you can speak freely. So please leave phones, tablets and any other recording or communication devices in your room. If you wish to take pictures outside of the morning session, please only do so with permission of the people involved.

3. Respect for Privacy: Please respect the privacy of the other subscribers and guests in attendance. Do not quote them outside of the event without their permission. The Chatham House Rule applies.

4. Sharing of E-mails:
Please share e-mails with those in attendance directly.

5. Manners: We are a well mannered group. However, on the off chance that someone comes who is not, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who violates these policies and/or who – in Catherine’s sole discretion – may compromise the safety, security and productive discussion of our sessions or our group.

5. Cancellation: To receive a refund, you must cancel no later than February 15, 2018